Alamo Car Rental - USA and Canada Details and Policy Information

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Note: Not all cars are available in all destinations.

Rental Requirements

  • Valid driver's license
  • Major credit cards - Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club and Discover
  • Alamo will no longer accept a debit card or checkstra Visa
  • The lead name on the confirmed reservation (the primary renter) must be the person whose credit card is used to pay the charges. If a credit card of another person with a valid driver's license is used, that person will become the primary renter and the original name on the reservation will become an additional driver. Additional charges will apply for an additional driver.
  • A valid passport in renter's name will be required for car rental, if passport is also required for the renter

Minimum/Maximum Age

  • Minimum rental age is 21 years, except where state or Provinces provides otherwise
  • There is an additional charge of $25 per day for each driver under the age of 25 payable directly to Alamo at time of rental.
  • For Canada, the additional charge of $25 (CAD) for each driver under the age of 25 is payable directly to Alamo at time of rental
  • In New York State, the minimum age is 18 years of age. Authorized drivers (18-24) must pay an insurance recovery fee of $49.37 per day in lieu of an underage driver fee.
  • Costs are subject to change


  • Daily or weekly base rental fees
  • Unlimited mileage

Mileage Information

  • Unlimited mileage


Rates do not include:
  • Taxes, governmentally authorized or imposed surcharges
  • Concession recoupment fees
  • Airport access fees and facility fees
  • Optional items (such as insurance, additional drivers, additional hourly or drop charges)
  • Gas - 2 fuel options - A full tank of gas can be purchased at the time of rental so the renter does not have to worry about taking time to stop and refuel before returning the car (no credit for remaining fuel). Or, the vehicle is rented with a full tank and the renter is responsible for refueling at the end of the rental.
  • Overstay fee. If a customer extends the rental anytime after the vehicle has been picked up at the rental location, regardless if an additional voucher is presented, a fee of $10.99 per day will be assessed in addition to the applicable rates. These fees will be payable by the customer.

    Renters are responsible to pay these charges directly to Alamo.

Rental Days Information

  • Rates are based on 24-hour clock
  • If car is rented beyond the 24-hour period, the hourly charge applies until the hourly charge equals the daily rate
  • Alamo allows a 59-minute grace period
  • Maximum rental is 28 days. If passenger wants car for more than 28 days, book 2 separate options.
  • Passenger must return car at 28 days or before to any Alamo location and exchange it for a new vehicle. An Alamo rule.

Driver Eligibility Policy

All renters are subject to a license check. Renters are deemed eligible or ineligible to rent from Alamo at the time of rental. Under the policy's guidelines, eligibility will be based on two categories

  • Alamo will not turn someone away due to a ticket for a seatbelt violation.
  • The status of the driver's license - renters will be rejected if their driver's license is suspended, revoked, expired, invalid, surrendered, or nonexistant
  • The status of the driving record - renters will be rejected for any of the following:
    • A. Two or more convictions within the last 36 months for moving traffic violations involving accidents.
    • B. Three or more convictions within the last 36 months for moving violations.
    • C. One or more convictions within the last 36 months for DUI, DWI, or DWAI - or other similar designation.
    • D. One or more convictions within the last 36 months for leaving the scene of an accident or failure to report an accident.
    • E. One or more convictions within the last 36 months for possession of a stolen vehicle or use of a vehicle in the commission of a crime.

Note: This check will be made during the rental transaction and should take less than 10 seconds.

Insurance Coverage

No Insurance is provided with the rental of a Alamo car in the USA or Canada. Collision Damage Waiver, Extended Protection, Personal Accident Insurance and other options are available to purchase at time of rental. Customer pays for insurance directly to Alamo.

Additional Drivers

  • There is a per-day charge for each additional driver payable directly to Alamo at time of rental
  • Costs vary by country and city where car is rented

Cash Qualify Information

Passengers renting Alamo cars in Canada do not have the option of cash qualifying. They must present a valid credit card, in their own name, when picking up the rental car.

Passengers renting Alamo cars in the United States have the option of cash qualifying, in advance, if they do not have a valid credit card in their own name.

All cash customers must meet Alamo's current cash qualification requirements. When making a reservation for a cash rental passengers should contact Alamo for more info on the requirements and make advance arrangements.

  • Drivers cannot qualify for a cash rental, if renting a minivan, convertible, or luxury vehicle. 24-hour advance reservation is required.
  • Driver must have a return transportation ticket
  • Driver must have a phone number listed in their name (spouse's name is not acceptable) and verifiable through directory assistance.
  • Driver must have verifiable employment and must have one of the following:
    • 1. Company ID badge matching name on driver's license.
    • 2. Pay stub issued within the past 30 days and imprinted with renter's name and address and employer's name and address.
  • Employment verification is waived for retired or disabled persons. Alamo does not and can not require a disabled person to show proof of their disability per the American Disabilities Act.
  • Self-employed persons cannot rent on a cash basis unless they have a listed business phone which must be different than their home phone. Someone needs to answer to verify employment.
  • Qualifying retired status: Must be at least 65 years of age and/or present Social Security check or AARP membership card. Due to this requirement, young retirees will have a problem and may not be able to rent on a cash basis.


  • Hand controls are only offered on full-size four-door vehicles

    Handicap lifts are NOT offered by Alamo. Below you will find 3 nationwide companies that do provide these services.

Accessible Vans: 1-888-282-8267
Wheelers: 1-800-456-1371
Wheelchair Getaways: 1-800-642-2042

Child Seat Information

  • Available at counter in US locations for up to $6.99 per day with $50 deposit
  • For Canada they are available at counter for $5.99(CAD) per day with $50 deposit
  • In most states or Provinces a child must use seat if under 80 pounds or 5 years of age and under
  • Costs and requirements are subject to change

    Seatbelts and Child Restraint Seats: State laws may require the use of seatbelts and child restraint seats. Seatbelts and child restraint seats can save lives. We urge you to use them. To avoid serious injury or even death, use child restraints seats only in the back seat of the vehicle. Older children who do not use child restraint seats should ride properly buckled-up in the back seat. Infant seats should be requested at time of reservation.

Airport Access Tax

  • Must be paid directly by customer and cannot be prepaid. It can vary by location.