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Vacations to Spain

Spain truly embodies magnificence and passion—from its colorful culture and vibrant festivals to the glorious, stunningly ornate churches and impressive museums filled with world-famous, incredibly intricate works of art by some of Spain's very own–Goya, Velasquez, Dali, and others. You'll find countless places to explore, whether it's perusing the diverse markets for a precious find, taking a flamenco dance lesson, lazing on the beach, or sipping a glass of sangria while enjoying a midday meal of tapas.

Wonderfully contrasted from Spain's bustling cities, like Madrid and Barcelona, are its captivating towns. Day trip from Madrid to see the world-famous arches of the Aqueducto Romano in Segovia, head to the symbolic walled town of Ávila, with its striking 88 towers, or choose Toledo, where you'll discover 2,000 years of fascinating history. No matter what you do, this country and its friendly people will welcome you with open arms.

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