Frequently Asked Questions

Vacation Planning, Destinations, and Packages

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Why should I purchase a vacation package with Delta Vacations?
What origins and destinations does Delta Vacations offer?
Why aren't all destinations and packages available to purchase online?
How do I get the best value for my vacation?
What's this about Air France Holidays and Alitalia Vacations?
What hotel classification system do you use?
What does European Plan (EP) and All-Inclusive (AI) mean?
How do I get a copy of one of your brochures?
What are the luggage policies for Delta Vacations?
Where can I get passport, visa and health requirement information?
What are the insecticide requirements in certain destinations?

Making a Reservation

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How do I make a reservation?
Why is there a charge for calling to book a new trip?
What are promotional codes and how do I use them?
How do I reserve more than one room?
How do I make a special room request?
Is it safe to purchase a vacation via the Internet?
How do I reserve a destination wedding or honeymoon package?
How do I reserve a luxury vacation package?
How do I reserve a ski vacation package?
Can I purchase a flight only?
Are all taxes included in the price?
Can I use an Electronic Denied Compensation Credit for an upgrade or complimentary air with Delta Vacations?
What forms of payment do you accept?
Why should I purchase the Travel Protection Plan or the Travel Protection Plan PLUS?
How do I make a group reservation through Delta Vacations?
Do you offer gift cards?

Reservation Changes and Travel Documents

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How do I modify a reservation?
How do I cancel a reservation?
Where and how do I get my confirmation and travel documents?
What if there is a problem while on vacation?
What happens if there is a hurricane?

SkyMiles Program

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How do I use miles to upgrade to first class?
How can I earn more miles?
Can I use my miles to pay for my vacation?


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How do I subscribe to receive promotional e-mails?
How do I find out about vacation deals?
I don't have a travel agent. How can I locate one?
Will you match a competitor's price?
Why is there travel agency information displayed on the top of the Delta Vacations website?
I booked online through the Travel Agent Partner Program and have not received my documents. Who should I contact?
I booked online through the Travel Agent Partner Program; how do I change my itinerary?
I want to eventually book my vacation via the Travel Agent Partner Program, but for right now, I'd like to put it on hold for 24 hours. Can I do that?
I'd like to book my vacation via the Travel Agent Partner Program, but I'd also like to put down a deposit on my vacation and pay the rest later. Can I do that?