Hotel Ratings

Hotel ratings reflect the opinions from a variety of sources including experienced company Product Managers, customer feedback, and travel industry reference materials. The ratings shown are a reflection of properties within a respective geographic region. Any questions about specific services or accommodations should be directed to your professional travel agent. Please Note: Condominiums in Hawaii, the Caribbean, and Mexico are also rated using this system, even though they do not have restaurants or lounges.

Rating Rating Description
Exceptional Luxury Exceptional Luxury
Some of the finest hotels and resorts in the world and the recipients of numerous world-recognized awards. Luxurious accommodations, outstanding service, and every amenity imaginable.
5 stars Luxury
Superb hotel or resort. Features luxurious accommodations and beautifully appointed public areas. Offers the highest standard of service and cuisine. A full range of amenities and outstanding facilities.
4 stars Deluxe
Full-service hotel with comfortable accommodations and high quality public areas with a wide selection of in-room amenities, facilities, and services.
3 stars First Class
Hotel with pleasant, standard rooms and a variety of amenities and facilities, usually including one or more restaurants and lounges.
2 stars Moderate
A comfortable hotel with basic accommodations and a limited range of amenities and public facilities.
1 star Economy
Hotel best suited for the budget-minded traveler. Offers basic accommodations with private bath and few amenities or facilities. May or may not have a restaurant.

Mexico and Caribbean All-Inclusive Plan Ratings

Full All-Inclusive - includes unlimited meals and snacks, unlimited beverages, wide variety of daily activities, some watersports (nonmotorized or motorized depending on the hotel), taxes, and gratuities, and many properties may include nightly entertainment and/or theme evenings. Combination of buffet dining and may offer one or more restaurant dining experiences.

Standard All-Inclusive - includes unlimited meals and snacks, unlimited beverages, taxes, and gratuities with limited facilities, services, and activities. Primarily a buffet dining experience; may offer separate restaurant facilities on a limited basis.

Modest All-Inclusive - includes limited meals and beverages, taxes, and gratuities. Primarily buffet dining offered.

European Plan (EP) Hotels = No meals included
EP hotels are traditional hotels with no meals included in the price. Restaurants may be available on the premises.